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A Message from Richard Gamble

Wiltshire Councillor for The Lavingtons & Erlestoke Division

Just in case you haven’t noticed, we have a new leader! The lady has stepped down and, yes, a man has replaced her.

These are interesting times, of course, and there is no doubt that the lady had faced some very challenging issues during her time in office, including the pressures of financial restraint and political reorganisation, but I am sure you will agree that she can look back on her time in office with great pride.

The fact is that she leaves an institution that is in remarkably good shape and has accordingly received universal acclaim for her time in office.

The new leader is also highly regarded. He has a background of achievement in elected office and before that in the commercial world as well as in education. It is a compliment to his reputation that his appointment received no dissent from other parties.

The comments, of course, refer to Wiltshire Council where Baroness Scott has been leader since the unitary authority was created 10 years ago (and for four years before that she was leader of Wiltshire County Council). Over the period, Wiltshire Council has seen massive cuts in the financial support that local authorities receive from central government. Successive budgets have together reduced costs by tens of millions of pounds. In her final speech, Jane Scott paid tribute to the excellent staff that have ensured council services have largely been maintained and even improved despite those pressures. There is no doubt that Wiltshire Council is now one of the most successful and well-regarded local authorities in the country

Councillor Philip Whitehead is now leader. He paid tribute to Jane Scott in his opening remarks and I am sure you will join me in wishing him well in his new post.

Any similarities with events in administrations are entirely coincidental.

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Parish Newsletter – 2 July 2018


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