Agenda & Minutes January 2018


Parish Clerk                                                                                                    Chairman

Mrs Linda Roberts                                                                                          Mr Stan Jonik

44 Westlands Lane                                                                                         55 High Street

Beanacre                                                                                                         Erlestoke

Wiltshire                                                                                                         Wiltshire

SN12 7QE                                                                                                        SN10 5UA





To:       Councillor J S F Jonik – (Chairman)

Councillor M R D Barton

Councillor N J M Barton

Councillor J B R Durham

Councillor J J R Hunt-Davis

Councillor K Lewcock

Councillor F Morgan-Frise



9 January 2017

Dear Councillors


In accordance with the Local Government Act (LGA) 1972, Sch 12 paras 10 (2) (b) you are summoned to attend the Erlestoke Parish Council Meeting. The meeting will be held in the Parish Church on Wednesday 17th January 2018 at 7.15pm. (LGA 1972 sch.12 para 10(2)(a). A period of public participation will take place prior to the formal opening of the meeting. The Press and Public are welcome to attend the meeting. In accordance with the parish Council’s Standing Order No. 60.


Yours sincerely




Mrs L A Roberts BA (Hons) PGCAP FHEA, Fellow ILCM

Parish Clerk




Wednesday 17th January 2018


Public Participation – To receive questions from members of the public.



  • Apologies
  • Declarations of Interest


  1. Members are reminded that, in accordance with the Parish Council’s Code of Conduct, they are required to declare any disclosable pecuniary interest or other registrable interests which have not already been declared in the Council’s Register of Interests. Members may however, also decide, in the interests of clarity and transparency, to declare at this point in the meeting, any such disclosable pecuniary interests which they have already declared on the Register, as well as any other registrable or other interests.
  2. To receive any Declarations of Interest in respect of items on this agenda as required by the Code of Conduct adopted by the Parish Council.
  1. Minutes

To confirm as a correct record the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 6th December 2017.

  1. Report from Councillor Richard Gamble – Wiltshire Council

To report on any matters affecting Erlestoke which have been discussed at Wiltshire Council Meetings and or the Area Board.

  1. Finance

5.1       Bank Balances

Treasurers Account               £       77.46

Business Bank Instant           £10,501.31

Total                                       £10,578.77

5.2       Updated Cash Book – to be circulated at meeting

  1. Draft Budget 2018/2019

To approve the proposed budget and set the Precept for 2018/2019 by a formal resolution of the Council.

  1. Accounts for Payment

7.1       Invoice for Maintenance

To approve payment due to Miles & Francis for grounds maintenance to Erlestoke Play Area and Recreation Field and Secret Garden.

Invoice received for £395.00

7.2       Clerks Salary and Mileage

To approve salary payment for November, December and January.

£215.68 per month = £647.04 plus tax rebate (payslip will be circulated) of 170.40

Total Salary due including tax rebate £817.44.

Mileage for attending meetings in October (inquorate), November, December and January. 88 miles at 45p per mile £39.60.

Total Due to Clerk £857.04

  1. Cricket Club and new Development – Update by the Chairman

Email forwarded on 9 January 2018 refers.


  1. The Electric Sub Station in Erlestoke

The Chairman has been in correspondence with SSE regarding the wayleave which is due to the Parish Council. The Chair will update the Council on the latest position.

  1. Community Identity, logo and Letterhead

General discussion for ideas regarding the proposed competition.

11.1     Community Defibrillator

A date for the next training session to be agreed. Councillor Mrs Barton will update the Council.

  1. Exchange of Information and on-going matters – Please note no decisions can be made on any items discussed under this agenda item.
  • Safety of school children crossing the B3098
  • Erlestoke House Gates
  • Fracking
  • Broadband
  • Play Equipment Inspection Erlestoke Lakes – Issues
  • Erlestoke Woods
  1. To receive reports from EPC Representatives

12.1     Footpaths

12.2     Police

  1. Correspondence circulated via clerk’s email for noting

9.1.18  Parish Newsletter – Wiltshire Council

9.1.18  Flood Wardens – Newsletter Environment agency

9.1.18  Parish Steward Programme of Visits Winter 2018 – Northern Areas Highways, Wiltshire Council

9.1.18 Alabae – Salisbury Based Charity supporting homeless and vulnerable

9.1.18 Policing Precept Information

9.1.18  Email re proposals for Cricket Club

9.1.18  Councillor Wayman’s January Newsletter – Wiltshire Council

Date of next meeting 28th February 2018




Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday 6th December 2017

In the Parish Church

Present:                      Councillor J S F Jonik – (Chairman)

Councillor M R D Barton

Councillor N J M Barton

Councillor J B R Durham

Councillor J J R Hunt-Davis

Officers:                      Mrs L A Roberts – Parish Clerk

Public Participation – No public present.

268/17             APOLOGIES

Councillor Durham advised he would be late.


There were no declarations of interest.

270/17             MINUTES

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 8th November 2017 having previously been circulated were signed by the Chairman, Councillor Jonik as a correct record.


To report on any matters affecting Erlestoke which have been discussed at Wiltshire Council Meetings and or the Area Board.

272/17             DRAFT BUDGET 2018/2019

The draft budget as discussed and it was agreed that it will be formally approved at the Parish Council Meeting scheduled for 17th January 2018 following further input and discussion from members. At this meeting the precept for 2018/2019 will be set by resolution of the council.


It was proposed by the Chairman, Councillor Jonik seconded by Councillors Mrs Barton and

UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED to approve the contract of employment.

274/17             BANK BALANCES

Treasurers Account –     Balance as at 28 November 2017                            298.00

Business Bank Instant – Balance at 28 November 2017                                          10501.31

Total                                                                                                               10799.31

The bank balances were noted.


Members discussed the idea and were in favour of creating a Parish Council and Community identity.   It was agreed that some designs for letterhead could be presented at the next meeting. The idea of a competition, opened up to the community was also discussed. This would be decided at the meeting scheduled for 17th January 2018.

276/17             SPEED INDICATOR DEVICES (SID)

The scheme is progressing well and highways have provided advice about installation and siting.   A joint venture with the Parishes of Worton and Cheverall is likely to move ahead.

In regard to speeding traffic in the village concern was expressed about the speed of traffic using the B3098 through Erlestoke. The Chairman Councillor Jonik reported that he had attended a meeting held at Eddington which included representatives from the community area. At that meeting the speed of vehicles using the B3098 was also discussed and it was suggested that a joint effort should be made to try and get the speed reduced from   50ph to 40mph. It was agreed that due to several accidents along the B3098 this was a justifiable reason in seeking a reduction.


  • Safety of school children crossing the B3098
  • Erlestoke House Gates
  • Fracking
  • Broadband
  • Play Equipment – grateful thanks were expressed by the Parish Council to Councillor M Barton for repairing the branch
  • Erlestoke Lakes – contractor has not started work yet he has not received a purchase order from Landmark. However, they are ready to begin work as soon as they receive it.
  • Erlestoke Woods


278/17.1                     Footpaths

278/17.2                     Police

279/17             Correspondence circulated via clerk’s email for noting

28.11.17          Wiltshire Council Parish newsletter – 28 November 2017

The meeting closed at 8.35pm.

Date of next meeting 17th January 2018


Signed: ………………………………………………………………………… 17th January 2018