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Erlestoke’s Footpaths 

Erlestoke Footpaths Map Nov2020

Census 2021: please see information below

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Notice of vacancy Aug 14 2020

It was reported that a member of Erlestoke Parish was attacked in the woods by a motorcyclist after confronting them on their right to be there. There was a witness to the incident. Others have reported being intimidated by the motorbike riders.

PCSO Georgie Dodd has requested that:

‘parishioners call the MOD Police on “01371 854444″ instead of the Local Police, as they have more powers on their land and can take better action.


CORONAVIRUS Information from Wiltshire Council

Please go to Health and Wellbeing from the main menu

  1. Next Parish Council Meeting: Extra Ordinary Meeting 12h August 2020 this is an Online meeting until further notice.
  2. Defibrillator – Location – Turners Garage (Training Session 4th November)
  3. The latest edition of the Parish Newsletter is now available
  4. National Planning Policy Framework       National_Planning_Policy_Framework_web_accessible_version
  5. New Electoral Boundary Changes Proposal:
    1. Click Here for information:   Boundary Review Information for Website October 2018
    2. Use this link in your browser for more detail:
  6. Report from Landmarc May 2019The trees at Erlestoke Woods were felled because they were badly impacted by spruce aphid. The area will be replanted in the winter. To prepare the area for replanting, we have had to clear the site and we were trying to get that done before bird nesting really got underway and before the bluebells came out. The clearance will restart in September, but we are looking at alternatives to burning so I hope that the issues your neighbours have had with smoke will not be repeated.
  7. Sometime in the last day? Or two? A joker has been taking pot shots at roadside windows in the village.  The three known about are on the north side of the B3098 and a  metal nut has been used, breaking  a 1.5 (+/-) inch hole in the glass with resultant shattering around it.  The exact timing is not known, but amateur sleuthing indicates that they were possibly/probably fired using a catapult by a passenger in a car driving from the Westbury direction.  Please keep your eyes open and let the police know if you see any suspicious activity.